ralf waller, illustrator, vinyl-collector

    Musician & Producer, Illustrator, Vinyl-Collector and founder of VINYL.

    >> Since the moment my mother played the first record I ever saw, I was fascinated about how it works, to store music on this black pearls. And I still love the moment, when the needle is kissing the record. <<

warpath, artist, master of ceremonies

    Master of Ceremonies.
    Creator, Curator and Connoisseur of Fine Art.

    EST. 1982

    >> To me there is no better experience than facing a blank page of paper and pouring my soul into it. The beat is my canvas, my thoughts are the paint and my tongue is the brush. Hearing the songs on a record is like seeing my painting in the Louvre. <<

    Composer / Musicians / Performer
    Alex Eckert (Guitar) / Silvan Strauss (Drums)
    Daniel Stritzke (Bass) / Samuel Wootton (Percussion)

    >> In the part of the musical world in wich we undertake our adventures, vinyl has been and still sometimes is the medium for the evolution of music. We often witness this circumstance during the research for our [rejazzed] shows. Hiphop producers like Q-Tip or J Dilla went out digging for rare soul and jazz records that could only be found on vinyl and created new music by sampling them. Then they put that music on vinyl again. Of course nowadays all this is possible without vinyl. However we think it’s definitely the purest and most soulful medium for that circle of creativity and it was crucial to bring to life a lot of music we listen to today. <<TOYTOY are the first artists who designed a so called
    Artist Edition for VINYL. – You’ll find them in our Shop.